Practically everyone knows classic holiday songs like "Jingle Bells," "Silent Night" and "Rudolph," but beyond those venerable ditties are a whole bunch of less-heralded carols that, in some cases, are unbelievably strange.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! plans to sing the praises of the weirdest Christmas carols ever created with a special holiday "oddcast" airing on Ripley Radio starting Dec. 23.

But it's not for everyone, warns show host Tim O'Brien.

"If you're a traditionalist, you're not going to enjoy Ozzy Osbourne singing 'Silent Night.'"

O'Brien and crew have found 16 or so weird carols, but may only play excerpts of some because, "they're just too weird to be heard all the way through."

Some of the artists whose carols will be played include Weird Al Yankovic, the South Park gang, and a teenage Jon Bon Jovi, who can be heard on the immortal Christmas classic, "R2D2, We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

O'Brien hopes the "oddcast" becomes a Christmas tradition in its own right, but doubts these songs will be sung by caroling parties of the future.

"Well, it depends on what neighborhood you live in, I guess," he said.

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  • The Dan Band: "I Wanna Rock U Hard This Xmas"

    The Dan Band is best known for their appearance in the Will Ferrell-Vince Vaughn comedy "Old School," offers some Christmas cheer in this song.

  • Jon Lajoie: The Best Christmas Song"

    Jon Lajoie calls this "The Best Christmas Song," and he doesn't seem open to debate.

  • Dick Mango: "Grandma Got Molested At The Airport"

    "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" may be too familiar to be weird, but this song parody certainly qualifies.

  • Nat "King" Cole: "The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot"

    Nat "King" Cole gave the world "The Christmas Song," one of the most beloved carols of all time. He also gave the world this depressing ditty about one time when Santa goofed big time.

  • WWE: "Happy Holidays"

    Christmas is about peace and goodwill. WWE is about kicking ass. Somehow this carol tries to combine the two. Whether it works is a matter of opinion.

  • Club Penguin: "The 12 Pains Of Christmas"

    Need to write a Christmas parody in a hurry? "The 12 Days Of Christmas" is your go-to song, especially because it doesn't require you to rhyme. Too much.

  • Spinal Tap: "Christmas With The Devil"

    If you rank Christmas songs on a scale of one to 10, "Christmas With The Devil" by Spinal Tap goes to 11.

  • Peter Broggs: "12 Days Of Christmas (Reggae)"

    Reggae singer Peter Broggs got what he wanted for Christmas: A lot of sinsimilla, at least a pound of it, as he explains in this Jah-centric version of "The 12 Days Of Christmas." It was enough of a gift that he only needed to celebrate 10 days of Christmas (probably because he slept through the last two)

  • Asleep At The Wheel: "Christmas In Jail"

    This long-running Texas swing band brings a holiday message even more important that "Peace on Earth": "Don't drink and drive!"

  • Weird Al Yankovic: "Christmas At Ground Zero"

    Weird Al Yankovic recorded this Cold War Christmas classic in 1986 when fears of a nuclear war were at their height.

  • Bob Rivers: "Walking 'Round In Women's Underwear"

    Bob Rivers' cross dressing tribute to "Winter Wonderland" was a popular seasonal hit with Dr. Demento fans.

  • The Night Santa Went Crazy

    If anyone knows weird Christmas carols, it's Weird Al Yankovic, who wrote this charming ditty about Santa going postal.

  • Corey Doak: "Scruffy the Elf"

    Elves may all look the same (mainly because the same actors tend to play them in films), but this Corey Doak composition tells the tragic tale of an elf whose only crime is facial hair.

  • Star Wars: "What Do You Get Wookiie For Christmas"

    They apparently celebrate Christmas in the Star Wars universe, but if this is their idea of holiday cheer, I'd probably be like Anakin and hop over to the dark side.