12/17/2013 02:23 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2013

These Are The Hairstyles That Defined 2013

Thanks to social media (and cocky celebrity hairstylists), it only takes a few seconds to find out which stars are sporting a new cut or color. One click on hashtags such as #Beyoncepixie, #KateMiddletonhair or #MichelleObamahighlights surfaces months-long discussions and debates about some of 2013's most memorable hairdos.

But all the Twitter and Instagram talk isn't just a bunch of fans and haters going back and forth. There's also some serious hair education happening, including explanations of Rihanna's American Music Awards doobie wrap and Bradley Cooper's "American Hustle" perm rollers.

There's no need for you to scroll back through an entire year's worth of social media alerts. Below is a list of hairstyles that defined 2013.

  • Beyonce's pixie
    Beyonce's Instagram
  • Kate Middleton's gray hairs
    Carl Court/Getty Images
  • Michelle Obama's bangs
  • Bradley Cooper's "American Hustle" perm
  • Coco Rocha's Twitter pixie haircut
    Coco Rocha's Twitter
  • Jennifer Aniston's choppy bob
    Mr. Chris McMillan's Instagram
  • Melissa McCarthy's Elle magazine bouffant
    Elle Magazine
  • Demi Lovato's Smurf blue hair
    Demi Lovato's Twitter
  • Pamela Anderson's pixie
    Splash News
  • Jennifer Lawrence's pixie haircut
    Jennifer Lawrence's Facebook
  • Miley Cyrus' spiky Met Gala hair
  • Rihanna's American Music Awards' doobie wrap
  • Kim Kardashian's post-baby blonde hair
  • Jennifer Hudson's pixie
  • Nicole Kidman's Cannes braided chignon
  • Anne Hathaway's bleach blonde Met Gala crop
  • Lorde's thick and wild curls
  • Justin Timberlake's slicked-back hair
  • Alicia Keys' "The Three Stooges" Moe haircut
  • Helen Mirren's BAFTA's pink hair

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