Worst Holiday Gifts EVER: Things You Hope Won't Show Up Under The Christmas Tree

12/17/2013 08:50 am ET | Updated Dec 19, 2013

Great gifts are awesome.

Terrible gifts are not.

Want to avoid the drama this year? Our friends at Western Union have a time-tested solution for the giving season: Tell your family to skip the wrapping and send money. Nothing says "I love you" like fifty buckeroos!

  • 1 Ugly Sweaters
    Some sweaters are so ugly they are incredible. That is clearly not what we mean. We are talking about sweaters that are just regular-style ugly, like when your aunt thinks she knows what is really "trendy" these days and the department store was having a sale on cargo/pink mix clothing.
  • 2 Lotion And/Or Soap Sets
    Nothing says "you are a girl but I know nothing about your personality" like a cucumber melon body soap and matching hand cream.
  • 3 Surprise Pets
    Unwanted responsibility? Check. Destroyed furniture? Check. Emotionally scarring pet funeral after finally coming around to loving the little furball? CHECK CHECK CHECK.
  • 4 Anything 'Made With Love'... But Unwearable
    I mean, thanks for the effort?
  • 5 A Heartfelt Ballad
    You are not Elton John, and your gift is NOT your song.
  • 6 Inspirational Paraphernalia
    Jessica Leader
    I am aware there is no I in team, sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears, and that every day is a bright new beginning. No need to drink out of a mug that tells me so.
  • 7 Socks
    Curveball counterpoint: One can never have enough taco socks and sports sandals.
  • 8 Gifts You've Clearly Grown Out Of
    Or maybe this is THE perfect way to carry books between classes at law school.
  • 9 Tech Accessories For A Device You Don't Own
    Know what would be even cooler than a case for a smartphone? An actual smartphone.
  • 10 Tech Accessories That Are Completely Outdated
    1998 called, they want their CD case back.
  • 11 Regifts
    Box from a different store? Scotch-taped? An obscure food item/hideous vase/fondue set? WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID THERE.
  • 12 Stationery
    Unless it comes with a glitter pen, because those things are super fly.
  • 13 For You (But Really For Them)
    Oh, you mean you DON'T want two tickets to this ridiculously expensive metal concert I've wanted to see? But you dropped so many hints!
  • 14 Anything Christmas Themed
    The perfect ensemble for when you want to do gymnastics/go swimming/attend an aerobics class on Christmas Day, but really pointless the rest of the year.
  • 15 A Contribution To Your Collection...
    From twelve years ago. Thanks for the thirty stuffed cats you bought for me off the internet!
  • 16 Coupons
    True story: I have gotten coupons as gifts not once, not twice, but THREE times. Thanks for all your junk mail, I didn't have enough of my own!
  • 17 Fake Personalized Magazine Cover
    Jaclyn Bernstein
    This is just a sad reminder that YOU WILL NEVER BE FAMOUS. YOU FAIL.
  • 18
    Skip the drama. Just send cash. Happy holidays!

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