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Big White Dog Vs. Little Grey Kitten Vs. Your Heart (VIDEO)

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An itty bitty kitten named Iben really wants to play with the big dogs, but he might be getting ahead of himself.

Eight-week-old Iben has made friends with a 1-year-old White Swiss Shepherd named Navarro, but in the video above, we see that the rambunctious kitten is still exploring (and testing) his older playmate's boundaries.

But don't worry!

"Iben was not hurt or in danger," wrote YouTube user Shanti, who posted the video in November. "They're quite fond of each other but still learning how to play with one another."

All it takes is one nudge to send Iben tumbling, so Navarro will have to learn to reign in his strength, too.

H/T: Tastefully Offensive

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