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Only In Miami: This Hot Christmas Week's Best Tweets

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Miami is distinctive enough on a normal day. But toss in a holiday and we ramp up our 305 essence to record levels. From Noche Buena smells to bikinis on Christmas to the holiday charm of seeing a neighbor arrested, late December in Miami is always a trip. We weeded out approximately 8,472 tweets about the heat or the beach, but we think you'll get the picture. Check out the week's best tweets and Instagrams tagged with #onlyinMiami:

Nicole Guedes
Today I was told I had an accent. Apparently I sound American

Kaytlyn Carlson
We found a station on the radio that only plays the Macaraina 24 hours non stop and no commercials😂 🌴🎶

First Christmas in Miami Beach. Didn't make it to the beach, but did see my next door neighbor get arrested today.

Sophia Sontheimer
people wear crop tops to Christmas mass ??

elanor ✿◠‿◠
Christmas tiki tiki music

Larry Lebowitz
Christmas Eve cafecitos: Two guys arguing in Spanglish about Nostradamus.

Michelle Linch
Found a Brazilian coin in my purse. I've never been to Brazil....

Arnold Piedrahita Jr
Nothing like driving through Miami with the windows down as the smell of permeates the air!

please say the baby™
leaving your house at 2:30am to go party...

Tiffany Yonelli
Pool/Beach days in December ☀👌#OnlyInMiami

Reggaeton version of mi burrito sabanero.

Thomas Pearson
can you walk into a brand new sushi spot and are hit with blaring salsa music as the hostess greets you with a warm "hola!".

victoria henares
"Mi burrito sabanero voy camino de belén"

Sophie Kennedy
"You have nice asses... Do you you work out? Pilates?"

Ashley Natareno
I was asked to go boating on the middle of december...

RT : Why Is There A Baby Goat At The Bus Stop In Downtown Miami?

The Amigo®
is it 84 degrees and sunny as I get ready for my company holiday party.

joel del rio
Tanning a day before christmas eve

Kevin Laipcigier
It's almost Christmas and it's still hot outside.

Neha Batra
The cosmetic specialists in Macy's are blasting salsa music and dancing

☯Valerie Loureda☯
This sushi place has Cuban music playing

Nick Scher
Hey guy, thanks for asking for my shoe size in European size

Why is it 200 degrees outside in DECEMBER?

Lauren Grinz
Just shook hands with Pharell in Lanvin

David Hill
Saw a trio of peacocks chillin on a fence as we drove home through the Gables this afternoon

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