If you survived this year's Santacon, count your blessings. As the above video from Local Empire shows, not everyone was so lucky.

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  • Christmas Sweater Bomb

    He's definitely not her favorite son-in-law.

  • Happy Couple Bomb

    To be fair, something really crazy is going on behind them.

  • Rick James Bomb

    Another reason not to leave the television on when you're taking a picture.

  • Long Range Bomb

    This kind of skill takes years to perfect.

  • Left Out Bomb

    If you don't ask all of your friends to be in the picture, you risk this happening.

  • Dog Bomb

    When you see it...

  • The Rock Bomb

    Even celebrities can participate.

  • Terrifying Photobomb

    Merry Christmas?

  • Sneaky Bomb

    Look, they only had two Santa hats.

  • Surprise Santa Bomb

    He's going to need therapy for this later.

  • Grouchy Bomb

    Someone is a grinch.

  • Party Bomb

    That's what he gets for hogging all the ladies.

  • No Pants Bomb

    Seems like a fun party!

  • Secret Santa Bomb

    Santa? Is that really you?

  • Cat Bomb

    This cat is on a mission to destroy adorable photo-ops.

  • NSFW Dog Bomb

    Why did they let it progress this far?

  • Bored Kid Bomb

    His gum just really brings this picture to the next level.

  • Sweater-less Cat Bomb

    What, he's not cute enough for the picture?

  • Jesus Bomb

    Yes, even JC can photobomb.

  • New Year's Bomb

    Two very different photos are being taken on here.

  • Red Carpet Bomb

    We can learn a lot from you, <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/12/photobomb-girl-kelsey-whyte-best-photobomber_n_2119040.html">Kelsey Whyte</a>.

  • Scene-Stealing Bomb


  • John McCain Photobomb

    Just a simple eyebrow raise can turn a bystander into a photobomber.

  • Santa Skeleton Bomb

    It's all in the eyes.

  • Santa's Little Helper Bomb

    Aren't these Santa photos really for the kids anyway?