12/20/2013 05:23 pm ET Updated Dec 21, 2013

What Your Christmas Decor Says About You (PHOTOS)

There's nothing like spending the holidays with your mom, dad and your perennially tipsy uncle Eddie, but you don't need another trip home to explain the person you've become. You've got plenty of insight right in your own home, among those ornaments and tinsel and other festive decorations you put up every year.

Whether you're done decking your halls (in which case you need to whip yourself up a hot toddy and pat yourself on the back) or are satisfied with getting it done some time before Christmas eve, we think there's a lot to be said for your choice of holiday decor. Check out our roundup of the most telling of traditions, below.

  • Solid-Colored Ornaments
    What It Says About You: You're a purist if we've ever seen one. You prefer your cocktails neat, curse the person who thought up the blinking Christmas lights and generally don't need a lot of fussiness to rock your world. You're also a firm believer in the versatility of the LBD and use the term "classic"... a lot.
  • Gingerbread Houses
    What It Says About You: You're sweet and nostalgic and if you've learned anything from Martha Stewart, it's that you're not a legitimate human being without a tube of royal icing on hand. Come January, when those 2014 diets/fasts/healthy-eating regimens kick off, you'll pass -- thank you very much.
  • Paper Chains
    What It Says About You: You were the kid who needed their artwork front and center on the fridge, and can't think of a better way to spend a weekend morning than catching up on all the magazines you still subscribe to. You still aren't sold on this whole "tablet edition" thing, you own stationery with your name on it (because actual letter-writing IS going to make a comeback), and wish your bank would stop pressuring you to end statement delivery by mail.
  • Old-School Bulbs
    What It Says About You: You think all-white lights are the anti-Christmas, can recite that leg lamp scene in "A Christmas Story" from memory, and you're probably hoarding incandescent light bulbs as we speak.
  • Fresh-Cut Trees
    What It Says About You: Smelling good is of the utmost importance to you as is the experience of the holidays. (No time-shaving, money-saving shortcuts here.) Your tree choice also means you probably got a pretty nice bonus this year, which you'll need to use to hire someone to clean up all those pine needles you'll otherwise be vacuuming up until June.
  • Moravian Stars
    What It Says About You:: It takes a special kind of person to even know what a moravian star is. That person is you.
  • Inflatables
    What It Says About You:: In short: You've been living in the suburbs for too long or watched "Deck The Halls" too many times. We're sorry to tell you, you might want to give it up -- this guy already won Christmas 2013.
  • Advent Calendars
    What It Says About You: For you, the holidays are all about the build up. Christmas isn't just one day. You're likely among the fifty percent of Americans who actually see Christmas as a religious celebration though, like Pope Francis, you aren't above taking selfies at church and have at least one Foursquare check-in at a house of prayer of some sort this year.
  • Vintage Ornaments
    What It Says About You: You've had Johnny Mathis' Christmas album on repeat since Thanksgiving, must have your egg nog with, well, eggs and have made a name for yourself on Instagram for posting the most epic #TBT pics.
  • Tinsel Trees
    What It Says About You: You're probably dreaming of a white Christmas, are liable to be drinking your New Year's Eve bubbly from a champagne coup and claim full ownership of the phrase "Party over here!" Your favorite family movie is "Sparkle" and you've definitely bought a houseware (or two) from Urban Outfitters in your day.
  • No Christmas Decor (But You Actually Celebrate The Holiday)
    What It Says About You: "Your heart is full of unwashed socks...Mr. Grinch."

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