Horse On The Loose In Chicago: Escaped Horse Gallops Down Old Town Street (VIDEO)

12/20/2013 01:57 pm ET

A Chicago bicyclist ran into something a bit out of the ordinary during her morning commute to work on Thursday: a horse on the loose, galloping along the street.

In the description of a video posted Thursday to YouTube, the bicyclist says she was on Wells Street when she caught the footage of the northbound horse which apparently next turned right onto a busy North Avenue.

As Gapers Block notes, the horse had likely escaped from the nearby Noble Horse Theatre. Oddly enough, horses also escaped from the theatre stable exactly one year ago Wednesday -- as well as one month ago.

The best part of the story? The horse, DNAinfo Chicago reports, is named Forrest Gump. The horse was reportedly safely caught and was not injured.

The horse had apparently escaped while his owner was about to put him on a trailer, according to CBS Chicago.

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