The Many Faces Of Pepe Mujica, Legalizer Of Weed (PHOTOS)

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Uruguayan President José "Pepe" Mujica has made international headlines for leading a pioneering effort to legalize marijuana. Get to know the many sides of this uniquely photogenic world leader.

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    Pepe Mujica Is An Early Riser
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    Pepe Mujica Digs The Yerba Maté
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    Pepe Mujica Lives In This Small Farm Instead Of The Presidential Mansion
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    Pepe Mujica Doesn't Know What You're Getting At
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    Pepe Mujica's Got Something To Tell The U.N.
  • 6
    And The U.N. Better Listen
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    Pepe Mujica Feels Disheartened, But Will Keep Pushing On
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    Pepe Mujica: Poster Edition
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    Pepe Mujica Wants You To REALLY Think About It
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    Pepe Mujica Wants To Know If You Know What He Means
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    Pepe Mujica Has Had It
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    Pepe Mujica Demonstrates Karate
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    Pepe Mujica Wants You To Listen
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    Yes, But Pepe Mujica Says You're Not Taking This Into Consideration
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    Pepe Mujica Is Loving It
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    Pepe Mujica Is A Proud Uruguayan
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    Pepe Mujica Is A Union Man
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    Pepe Mujica Was A Guerrilla Fighter Who Spent 14 Years As A Political Prisoner
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    Pepe Mujica Supports Democracy
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    Pepe Mujica Rocks
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    Pepe Mujica Legalizin' It
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    Pepe Mujica Is Down With The Commies
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    But Pepe Mujica Gets Along With Right-Wingers Too
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    Pepe Mujica's Has A Three-Legged Dog Named Manuela
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    Pepe Mujica Doesn't Wanna Hear It
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    Pepe Mujica Is Buddies With El Papa
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    Pepe Mujica Takin' A Stroll With A Taller Man
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    Pepe Mujica Just Thought Of This
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    Pepe Mujica With A Degree
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    Pepe Mujica Faces Brief Moments Of Sadness
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    Sometimes Pepe Mujica Can't Even Take It
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    But Pepe Mujica Is An Optimist
    (AP Photo/Matilde Campodonico)