Yep, you probably are short at least one gift for the holiday. Since no one wants to set foot in a mall in the last-minute holiday rush, here are a few DIY gift ideas that take 20 minutes or less to make. If you're too busy to even click through to Pinterest, we've also broken down the elements of each gift. Any easier and we'd have to make the stuff for you.

Sugar Or Salt Scrub: Sugar (or sea salt) + Oil (any kind) + Optional Scent (orange peel, mint, etc.)

DIY Vases: Fancy Glass Bottles + Fancy Tape

Decorated Ornament: Ornament +Sharpie Marker

Food Passport: Notebook + Yelp + Gift Card

Cat Magnets: Figurines + Magnet: Paint is optional, as is the twee shopping list.

Matches In A Jar: Matches + Jar (Did we really have to spell this one out?)

Infused Vodka: Candy + Vodka + Jar

Decorated Candle: Candle + Sharpies

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