12/23/2013 12:09 pm ET

Batman In Times Square Goes On Expletive-Filled Rant Before Two Spider-Men Calm Him Down (VIDEO)

Every now and then, even Batman needs to be saved.

A new video shows a man dressed as Batman getting in an argument with another man in Times Square. When a NYPD officer approaches, the man points at Batman and says, "This guy's cursing in front of kids!" and then walks away.

After the officer leaves, our Batman, apparently still incensed, launches into an expletive-filled rant. "Get the f*#k out of here!" he yells after his accuser. Meanwhile, two friendly Spider-Men are doing their best to calm Batman down.

"You think he gangster but he ain’t no gangster,” Batman vehemently tells the two Spider-Men. “I know a gangster when I see one.”

Batman is the latest costumed character in Times Square to get the attention of police. In 2012, a Super Mario impersonator was arrested for allegedly groping a woman. This past April, a Cookie Monster impersonator was arrested for shoving a two-year-old boy. And of course there's Evil Elmo, who went on an anti-Semitic tirade in Times Square before pleading guilty this past September to trying to extort the Girl Scouts out of $2 million.

[VIA Gothamist]