12/23/2013 01:22 pm ET Updated Dec 23, 2013

This Is Not How You Want To Start Your Holiday Travel

When you're flying home for the holidays, it's easy for travel to turn stressful. Tight connections, flight delays, lost luggage, and that one guy in front of you in the security line who can't believe he has to take off his shoes -- there are plenty of things to make you anxious.

But this air travel mishap takes the cake: on Monday morning, a Delta jet got stuck in mud after sliding off the taxiway at Detroit Metro Airport.

According to the Associated Press, a spokesman for the airline said the sliding may have been caused by hitting some black ice around 6:40 a.m. Thankfully, no one on board was hurt.

The 180 passengers on the Boeing 737 were bound for Atlanta, according to USA Today. Though they were fine physically and many ended up on another flight that has already departed, others likely had plenty of mental anguish as they tried to sort out travel plans.

At least one passenger wasn't happy with the rebooking options he was given. Twitter user TheRealJackNacy wrote that he was told he couldn't get to his final destination for several days.

Good thing he isn't missing a special trip... oh, wait.

At least he can look on the bright side?

Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant said he was looking into the Twitter complaint.

"The flight has since re-departed using another aircraft and some would have been offered other rebooking options depending on their final destination," he told The Huffington Post in an email.

There's not much you can do when your plane gets stuck (except try to remember a calming travel mantra), but here are a few tips to solve more common holiday travel problems.


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