12/25/2013 01:58 am ET Updated Dec 26, 2013

The 10 Most Unorthodox Artistic Depictions Of Jesus

If there's one thing the art world loves, it's causing trouble and playing with traditions -- the more serious, the better. Thus it's not a huge surprise that Jesus has been an artistic tradition par excellence, by artists both reverent and not so much. This Christmas, we're celebrating with the latter.

May we humbly present our Christmas gift to you, our 10 favorite unorthodox depictions of JC himself. The following collection of unorthodox depictions of Jesus range from silly to racy to offensive to straight up weird. See the religious icon as a drunk, a babe, the POTUS, the King of Pop and so much more. Behold the naughtiest depictions of Jesus in art:

Which bad Jesus is your favorite? Let us know in the comments but be warned: some of these Jesus depictions are NSFW.

1. The Divine Accident


"Ecce Homo" by Elias Garcia Martinez, touched up by Cecilia Gimenez

2. The Jock


"Boxing Jesus" by Nancy Fouts from Crucifixion Exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery

3. The Inked Up One


"Crucifixion" by Natalia Fabia From Crucifixion at Corey Helford Gallery

4. The Sexually Active One


"The Misadventures of Romantic Cannibals" by Enrique Chagoya

5. The Potty-Mouthed One


"Piss Christ" by Andres Serrano courtesy Edward Tyler Nahem gallery

5. The POTUS One


"The Truth" by Michael D'Antuono

6. The Truly Terrifying One


Jake and Dinos Chapman, "The Milk of Human Weakness III," photo by Stephen White, courtesy White Cube

7. The Banned One

"A Fire in My Belly, A Work in Progress (1986-87)" by David Wojnarowicz

8. The Last One At The Party


"Crucifixion" by Glenn Barr from Crucifixion at Corey Helford Gallery

9. The Babe


"Stigmata" by Ray Caesar from Crufixion at Corey Helford Gallery

10. The King

"American Jesus" by David LaChapelle at Paul Kasmin Gallery