Sister Repurposes 'Bert And Ernie' Pop-Up Book For Gay Brother's Wedding Present

12/31/2013 11:40 am ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

As the number of states offering marriage licenses to same-sex couples steadily increases, you really do need to begin asking yourself: just WHAT are you going to bring as gifts to all of those gay weddings?

One sister has gotten creative in her approach to gift giving and brilliantly repurposed an old Bert and Ernie pop-up book using pictures of her brother, his husband and their entire wedding party.

"My brother finally got the chance to marry the man of his dreams, my sister took every photo from the wedding and altered a Bert and Ernie pop-up book," YouTube user Breakdownclown notes in the video's description. "I made this video to show you that hard work from my siblings. Family is those who show up when you need them."

We absolutely love this -- check out the video above to see this sibling's love and dedication to her gay brother.

(h/t Instinct)

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