7 Pretty Queer (And Mostly Naked) Calendars For 2014

12/31/2013 08:20 am ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016
  • James Nichols The Huffington Post

2014 is almost here and that can mean only one thing: Time to buy a new calendar.

And if you're going to plunk down your hard earned cash for a new calendar, shouldn't it be one that's mostly queer, mostly naked or some combo of the two?

We think so, too.

  • 1 Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club
    Nate Gowdy Photography
    The only gay men's rugby team in Washington state, the Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club seeks to create a non-threatening and safe space that brings rugby into the lives of men who may not otherwise have considered playing. The organization holds regular fundraisers throughout the year to benefit local LGBT groups, such as Lifelong Aids Alliance.
  • 2 Warwick University Women's Rowing Club
    Courtesy of Warwick University Women's Rowing Club
    Last year, Warwick University's Women's Rowing Club's decision to pose for their annual calendar in their underwear raised a few eyebrows. The women told HuffPost UK that this year they were "spurred" on by their critics to push the boundaries even further -- and go completely nude.
  • 3 Warwick University Men's Rowing Club
    Courtesy of Warwick Rowers
    Telling the world that they have been "proudly getting naked for club and community since 2009," the motivation behind the Warwick Men's Rowing Club's 2014 calendar is one that will hit close to home for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people around the world: battling homophobia and bullying in schools.
  • 4 Orthodox Calendar 2014: 'Romanian Priests'
    Orthodox Calendar
    Though the photos in the Orthodox Calendar 2014 do not feature any actual priests, all of the calendar's subjects are gay-friendly members "of the Orthodox Church" who have chosen to strip down for the sexy shoot "because they believe -- like us -- in freedom of speech, tolerance, equality and human rights... Our wall calendars represent the very first organized global effort against homophobia in the Orthodox Church."
  • 5 Nashville Grizzlies Rugby
    Chris Malone
    The Nashville Grizzlies is a socially and ethnically diverse USA Rugby Division III club that travels and competes both nationally and abroad. "The proceeds from the calendar will help us toward our goal of sending as many guys as possible to Sydney for the Bingham Cup," the organization told The Huffington Post. "The Bingham Cup is an experience like no other and to be able to play rugby and fellowship with teams from around the world is something we are all looking forward to."
  • 6 It's All Butch
    Debbie Boud
    A striking annual calendar that showcases butch lesbians in a variety of environments, "It's All Butch" is the brainchild of photographer Debbie Boud. "I think butch women are not seen as pretty by the media and let's face it, pretty sells," Boud told The Huffington Post. "[I wanted to fight] mullet-wearing stereotypes and show that [butch women] can be 'hot' too."
  • 7 Amsterdam Lowlanders Rugby
    Courtesy of Amsterdam Lowlanders
    The Amsterdam Lowlanders are the only rugby club in the Netherlands organized by, though not exclusive to, gay men. Funds raised through the sale of the calendar will enable the hunks to participate in the seventh edition of Bingham Cup, the world gay rugby tournament, in August 2014.