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The Huffington Post  |  By Posted:  |  Updated: 12/31/13 EST

HuffPost Media Predicts What Will Happen In 2014

Here at HuffPost Media, we are astute observers of the news industry day in and day out.

We're well-acquainted with media personalities' careers, quirks, feuds and personal lives. And some things are so salient that we just know they'll keep going in 2014. Of course, we've also got our ears to the ground and we know some of what to expect in the new year.

Here are a few of our predictions for 2014.

  • Ann Curry will leave NBC News and the world will still be outraged over her "Today" exit.
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  • Whoopi will have awesome responses to anyone who trash talks "The View."
  • The media will drive itself crazy speculating whether Hillary Clinton will run in 2016.
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  • Shep Smith will still love “True Blood.”
  • Kathie Lee and Hoda will top their discussion of “down there” grooming habits...
    ... though we don’t know with what and we’re slightly scared of whatever it will be.
  • There will be more insane stories about Fox News PR’s offensive against Gabriel Sherman’s book.
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  • Dan Rather and CBS News will still be feuding.
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  • Barbara Walters will do something that has people buzzing in May 2014!
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  • Joe Scarborough will continue to tease the possibility that he will run for office again.
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  • "Fox and Friends" will continue to host Donald Trump talking about running for political office — which he'll never actually do.
  • Anderson Cooper will have another laughing fit.
    Like this one or this one.
  • Bill O’Reilly will write another book or two or three.
  • NBC will come under fire for some decision related to its 2014 Olympics coverage.
    Getty Images
    The possibilities are endless.
  • People will continue to cringe every time they catch a glimpse of Geraldo’s selfie.
    Getty Images
    We'll spare you this time.
  • Brian Williams will make a late night appearance.
    Did you know the news anchor sometimes showcases his comedic side? Like this time, this time and here too.
  • Bill Moyers will announce his retirement again — and then take it back.
    Getty Images
  • Oprah's world domination will continue unquestioned and unchallenged.
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