01/02/2014 03:57 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

'Colorized Hollywood' Is The Facebook Page Every #TBT Fan Needs To See (VIDEO)

#TBT lasts long after Thursday on 'Colorized Hollywood,' a Facebook page that features painstakingly colorized black and white photos. We discuss the page -- and take a look at some fantastic pictures -- in the video above, from HuffPost Live's Throwback Thursday segment.

  • A Party Isn't A Party If The Photo Comes Out Nicely
    Take note of the Charlie Chaplin lookalike on the left and what appears to be a bongo drum mid-throw in the background.
  • Go Easy On The Decorations
    Or else you'll still be pulling tinsel from your rug come Valentine's Day.
  • Sometimes You Have To Get Creative With Your Entertainment
    That child looks just so pleased to have received an extreme makeover by a group of flappers.
  • Remember Your ABD's...
    Always. Be. Drinking.
  • DO: Have A Designated Driver. DON'T: Hang Out The Roof.
    Behold, the woo girls of the 1930s!
  • Leave The Kids At Home
    They don't need to see Aunt Deb passed out on the sofa.
  • Always Check Who Is Behind That Mask Before You Kiss
    Unless it's your annual "Eyes Wide Shut" party.
  • Show A Little Leg
    Why not?
  • Kissing Is A Great Way To Stay Warm
    Though a stylish coat also helps.
  • Dance Like No One Is Watching, Because Everyone's Too Drunk To Care
    Let's also bring back amateur chorus lines. Leg up!
  • Don't Drink Champagne Out Of Ladies' Shoes
    We were surprised to know that someone, at some point, actually did this. (And they weren't a pervy wolf in a '40s-'50s cartoon.)