10 Amazing Moments That Make You Wish You Had An Uncle Phil (VIDEO)

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2014 got off to a sad start with the news of the death of James Avery, best known for his role as Uncle Phil on the TV show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Avery illuminated the role beyond the average sitcom dad with his booming voice, belly-shaking laughter and incredible wisdom. He took on a variety of subjects from race, to discrimination, marriage and more bringing both humor and raw emotion into living rooms nationwide.

In honor of Avery's memorable role, we've compiled some of our favorite Uncle Phil moments. From providing a shoulder to cry on, to his fear-inducing discipline of his children and his crazy nephew played by Will Smith, here are a few scenes that will make you wish Phil was really your uncle.

  • 1
    Will's Dad Leaves
  • 2
    Uncle Phil Get Will And Carlton Out Of Jail
  • 3
    Uncle Phil Schools Will
  • 4
    Will Sings To Uncle Phil
  • 5
    Uncle Phil Does The Temptations
  • 6
    Uncle Phil Threatens Will And Carlton
  • 7
    Uncle Phil Threatens Will And Carlton Again
  • 8
    Don't Call Uncle Phil Fat
  • 9
    Uncle Phil And Will In Jail
  • 10
    Uncle Phil's Most Evil Moments

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