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Boomers Can't Let Go Of The 1960s

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The Beatles are shown during their performance on the "Ed Sullivan Show," Feb. 10, 1964, their first appearance on American television. From left to right: bassist Paul McCartney; drummer Ringo Starr; guitarist George Harrison; guitarist John Lennon. (AP Photo/Dan Grossi) | ASSOCIATED PRESS

Feb. 9 marks the 50th anniversary of one more 1960s changed-the-world-forever thing. Be prepared for six more years of them. This time it's the appearance of the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. Ed, mayor of Squaresville, hosts a provincial skiffle band that won the bad-haircut contest.

Why can't we let the '60s go? Mea culpa. I came of age during the "Youthquake" and have written too much about it. I repent.

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