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Reddit Users Share Best Advice To Their 16-Year-Old Selves

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Being 16 is kind of a big deal -- you're no longer a total n00b (a.k.a. high school freshman), you don't have to stress about college apps (yet) and you're probably on your way to getting that highly coveted driver's license (freedom!). But as much as there is to look forward to, that doesn't mean that this golden age doesn't come with its ups and downs. Luckily, the community of Reddit has some nuggets of wisdom to pull you through.

Users of the social site recently came together to share the one piece of advice they would tell their 16-year-old selves. From dating tips to getting along with the 'rents, they shared words of encouragement in addition to what they might have done differently.

Scroll down below to read our 25 favorite slices of advice that can be applied to any teen. Head over to Reddit for the full chain of responses and tweet us your fave at @HuffPostTeen!

  • I never drank, smoked, did drugs, or had sex in high school. I don't regret it. High school is extremely unimportant. You have your whole life to try not experiences. There is no rush. – Throwawaymyheart01
  • Do the things you love, not the things others love. Follow your own passion and be the person you want to be. This is something I struggle with daily. – Teleporterr
  • Learn about credit and how it works! Be smart with money! – commonknowledge87
  • You only have 2 more years of high school left, tell that girl you have a crush on you like her even if she's out of your league. Chances are 10 years down the line your [sic] going to be pissed you never did. – BlackRobFord
  • Figure out how to budget, take all the hard classes in school. Do well in school, enjoy the last bit of your childhood. Don't grow up too fast and for the love of god don't spread a million nude pics of yourself all over the internet. – Rachellybean
  • Value yourself more but take yourself less seriously. – jkbh
  • Turn off your phone sometimes. Spend some quality time with yourself. Appreciate the small things. Never stop learning. Go outside and just sit once in a while. Love a cat. – mycatsmybestfriend
  • Stop worrying about the way you look, it will definitely work out providing you get out the house and meet people. Save some money each paycheck especially now because you live with your rents. Don't worry about telling girls you play video games, they understand that these days. Please don't start smoking. – StylesVon
  • Have fun! Keep focused on school but make sure you are having fun and making friends in the process! – Solarsun11
  • Relax. Dude, you have so many Powerful experiences ahead of you in the next 10 or 20 or 100 years. Some will be good, some will be bad. You'll make mistakes, and it will be costly. You'll also meet some amazing people, you'll learn to love, and you'll become the person you're going to be for the rest of your life. The important thing here is not to look forward afraid that you're going to screw things up, rather to take each new experience as it comes, and do your best to handle it with integrity. – hopefullyso
  • Getting a boyfriend/girlfriend isn't that important. Your crush will pass. Don't spend all your time with your friends. They will eventually leave you or you will leave them. Your parents are right 80% of the time but if you want to not listen to them you can learn the hard way. – ujustgotshanked
  • Saving. Get into the habit of saving 10/20% of whatever money you make, if you get into this habit now, life will be so much easier for you. Wish I had known that 10 years ago. Its boring as shit I know, but now is the time where you can shape the rest of your life. And have fun, you're only young once, make the most of it. – awan001
  • Brace yourself for some kind of heartbreak . It will suck but you will learn a lot. – gazza95
  • Learn how to cook. Start simple and cheap. Learn how to make rice, noodles, grits and potatoes. From this you can learn what would taste good with them and what spices might work with them. Go from there to learning how to cook meats and seafood. Salt, pepper, garlic, butter and acids like lemon juice are your best friends when cooking. If something is salty and doesn't taste right add an acid. Learn how to eat right. Don't get in the habit of eating fast food or eating just because you get a little hungry or bored. – Rokhard82
  • Tidy up after yourself and learn household chores. This is how you physically demonstrate maturity to your parents when you want them to see you as an adult and it also sets you up to be a great roommate one day. – littlewoolie
  • Unplug yourself from everything for a day. You'll see how better life can be. – Cdtco
  • If you're shy, try to socialise. Talk to someone next to you on a bus stop, the markets, the street or anywhere else. You'll find some real interesting characters and the occasional story, it definitely helped to overcome my shyness when I was in my mid-teens. – heyhayh
  • Read books. Stay away from screens. – The_White_Visitation
  • Be yourself but don't be afraid to make yourself better. People don't have to accept the way you are if the way you are isn't great. – McAwesomeBoss
  • Try everything once. It's been 7 years since I was 16 and a lot has changed since then, but that piece of advice is timeless and has given me some great experiences. Also, learn to critically evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. That will help you when you're trying to decide what you want to do after high school. – yung_wolf
  • Build a good relationship with your parents, or maintain a good relationship with them. They may seem annoying at times, whether they tell the same old stories or just ask a lot of questions, but you'll look back when they die and cherish every second you got to spend with them. Those annoying times will become memories for you to look back on. Also, listen to them and their stories, that's your history. – flyersfan78
  • Have self control. You can enjoy whatever you wish, as long as self control is practiced. Know when its over. Whether it is a party, a job, a relationship, anything, know when to recognize it is over, cut your losses and leave the situation. Don't touch your face. Germs on your hands cause breakouts and drink a lot of water. Water is your best friend. – figstea
  • The most important thing I could ever tell anyone is to not forget who you are. That is easy to do. Keep friends close but don't be afraid to lose some. Do not change for others. Above all else, be who you want to be not who someone else thinks you should be. NEVER forget who you are. – SephChasseur
  • Learn other foreign languages. Start investing. Stock exchange. Learn to start your own business. (I did hope I heard these earlier). Start investing NOW. – mewmaw

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