01/04/2014 08:58 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Soldier Boyfriend Brings Stuffed Penguin On Tour, Sends Adorable Photos To Girlfriend At Home

When her boyfriend Mark left for a tour of duty around the world, 26-year-old Meredith Craven gave him a stuffed penguin named Mumbles so he wouldn't feel lonely.

What Mark did in response is adorable.

A 32-year-old Major in the British army, Mark brings Mumbles on all his adventures-- and sends photos back to Meredith to show what the dynamic duo is up to.

Mark has brought Mumbles everywhere, from cockpits of airplanes to high-tech control rooms to meet-ups with real-life penguins in the Falklands. Mumbles has ridden a horse, worn a headset in an airport control tower, and hung out with a Maasai tribesman.

It's all for Meredith, who receives photos of his journey back home. Take a look at the best ones below!

Girlfriend's Stuffed Penguin Travels The World With Solider Boyfriend

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