01/06/2014 05:44 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Blind Man Begging Offers Beautiful Reminder Of Why Life Is Precious

Sometimes even the most gut-wrenching scene of someone struggling isn’t enough to move us to action.

Sometimes we need to be reminded to take a moment to really see the person behind the plight.

Such was the message in a short advertisement produced by UK marketing company Purple Feather back in 2010, that's recently resurfaced online. The video features a blind man begging and being ignored by most passersby until a woman changes the writing on his sign to something that can't be overlooked:

"It's a beautiful day and I can't see it."

She gives us a reality check, reminding us that we often fail to respond to the most vulnerable members of society, and what it would take for us to pay attention.

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Random Acts Of Kindness
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