This Hand-Pulled Cotton Candy Is Absolutely Blowing Our Minds (PHOTOS)

01/06/2014 09:19 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

If you've ever watched someone make hand-pulled noodles, you know that humans are capable of amazing things. Until we saw it for the first time, we couldn't believe it. Now that we've seen Laura Lindekugel from A Little Zaftig make hand-pulled cotton candy however, we are so amazed that we're still not totally sure it's real.

You read that correctly, you can make cotton candy with your hands. You start by melting down sugar, and letting it cool to room temperature in a plastic quart container (so it forms a disc). You plop in onto a bed of cornstarch, burrow a hole in the center, and slowly-but-surely form it into a rope. Then you magically turn that rope into cotton candy with your hands.

hand pulled cotton candy

cotton candy

hand pulled cotton candy

cotton candy

You can get the full tutorial, plus many more gorgeous, step-by-step photos over on A Little Zaftig. Thank you for blowing our minds, Laura! Now who wants to try this with us?

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