Morning Traffic Reporter Finds Love In Unexpected Place (VIDEO)

01/06/2014 04:52 pm ET | Updated May 15, 2014

Most people dread the morning traffic report -- but for Brandon Dufour, the traffic report and the woman who delivered it, Teresa LaBarbera, would change his life forever.

LaBarbera is the morning traffic reporter for News 8's "Good Morning Connecticut" and the host of "Connecticut Style." Dufour, who listened to her during his morning commute, is the owner All-Star Driver driving school in Connecticut. As fate would have it, Dufour was brought into LaBarbera's studio one day to talk about the dangers of texting while driving, according to the New York Times.

After Dufour and LaBarbera talked onscreen, sparks flew offscreen. Check out the video above to see how their adorable love story ended in "I Do."

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