01/08/2014 09:15 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

20 Times A Sandwich Cut In Half Was The Most Beautiful Thing On Earth (PHOTOS)

There is an undisputed best way to look at a sandwich, and that is a cross section. To get a great sandwich cross section, you simply need a great sandwich, layered with ingredients of contrasting colors and textures, and a sharp knife. One slice down the middle, and you have one of the most beautiful topographical tableaus on earth.

There's something about the striations of a sandwich cut in half that make us drool every time. You can almost feel the crunch of the lettuce, the chew of the meat, the salt of the mayo. Perhaps you remember Scanwiches? This amazing blog took the sandwich cross section photo to another level by doing high resolutions scans of half sandwiches. In honor of this incredible site and idea, we bring you 20 more times a sandwich cross section was the most beautiful thing on earth. Get some napkins for the inevitable drool.

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