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The Best Meat, In Order (PHOTOS)

If I had to choose a favorite animal product, it would undoubtedly be dairy, on account of the fact that cheese is my one true love. That I had already worked that question out in my brain but had never decided what my favorite meat is seems very strange. Don't worry, we're going to rectify that now.

To keep things succinct, I limited myself in a few ways: 1) no fish, shellfish, or things that live in the water sometimes like frogs and alligators, and 2) I tried to stick with meats that you see relatively frequently in restaurants, grocery stores and home kitchens. I'm sure you had an excellent ostrich steak once, but it's not on the list. In truth, I like all of these meats just fine, but some I only want to eat once a year. Some I'd eat once a week. Below you'll find my ranking of the best meats, in order. Where did your favorite rank?

  • 13 Quail
    Thomas Barwick via Getty Images
    These are too tiny to really be that satisfying.
  • 12 Turkey
    StockFood - Howard Shooter via Getty Images
    A staple on Thanksgiving, great for sandwiches, that's it.
  • 11 Goose
    Foodcollection RF via Getty Images
    This is a great meat for novelty, but it takes so long to render the fat that it's really only meant for special occasions.
  • 10 Squab
    Richard Jung via Getty Images
    Just like quail, only a little meatier. I also like that it freaks people out when you tell them it's pigeon.
  • 9 Buffalo
    Beef's leaner cousin. Buffalo jerky is amazing, I've even had a great buffalo tartare.
  • 8 Venison
    If you think deer are too cute to eat, you've never tasted one.
  • 7 Goat
    Hugh Johnson via Getty Images
    Goat is like lamb's slightly funkier cousin. You're already eating their cheese, give the meat a try.
  • 6 Lamb
    Allison Achauer via Getty Images
    Again, if you think a deer is too cute to eat, think about how cute/delicious a lamb is.
  • 5 Chicken
    Everyone likes chicken. Who LOVES chicken?
  • 4 Duck
    MelindaChan via Getty Images
    Duck beats chicken on having a little more fat, and the fact that it won't make you sick if you eat it medium rare.
  • 3 Rabbit
    Stuart Minzey via Getty Images
    I'm serious, it is possible that an animal's cuteness is in direct correlation to its deliciousness.
  • 2 Beef
    nicolebranan via Getty Images
    Steak. Roast beef. Jerky. Carpaccio. Stew. This is a meat for all seasons.
  • 1 Pork
    Lew Robertson via Getty Images
    Salami. Do I need to elaborate? Didn't think so.

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