01/10/2014 11:21 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Why Stephen Colbert Hopes Chris Christie Was Behind Bridge Traffic Jam

Stephen Colbert took to his pulpit last night to defend a man that even his allies are avoiding: Chris "I am not a bully" Christie.

After watching the embattled New Jersey governor give a press conference defending his role in a politically-motivated bridge traffic jam last fall, Colbert offered a tongue-in-cheek defense of why he hopes Christie was behind the lane closures.

"He's the kind of leader who says, 'My way, or I shut down your highway,'" Colbert joked. "I can already see his 2016 bumper sticker: 'Christie: Bringing America Together, Or I Will F*ck You Over.'"

Check out Colbert's defense of Christie in the clip above.


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