Watch All 156 Episodes Of "The Twilight Zone," Right Here, Right Now, At The Same Time

01/12/2014 12:01 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

As you may have suspected, watching all 156 episodes of "The Twilight Zone" is a supremely trippy experience. See for yourself in the video above, a dizzying tribute to the iconic Sci-Fi series by Omni Verse.

At first the black-and-white visual overload resembles a science lecture from hell, before transforming into a cacophony of suave suits, serious mustaches and unnatural phenomena. We agree with The Creators Project's Brian Anderson when he says pressing play "stirs up a din that variously crawls like a very relevant noise band, the inside of a jet engine, and swarms of locusts sent to destroy all humanity." Watch above and see for yourself, if you dare. (Cue "The Twilight Zone" theme song.)

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