01/13/2014 09:08 am ET | Updated Jan 25, 2014

17 Signs That You're Addicted To Butter (PHOTOS)

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There aren't many people out there who don't like butter. What's not to like? It's rich, flavorful and loaded with delicious fat. And it makes a boring piece of bread taste like the fanciest of foods. It's hands down one of the greatest ingredients out there -- all chefs will agree, Paula Deen especially.

But then there are some of you who are really into butter. Like, really, REALLY, into butter. Like so into it that your freezers are stocked with butter at all times -- just in case. And, you might even secretly own Paula Deen's butter-flavored lip balm (don't worry, we won't tell).

If this is you, we've got something to tell you: you are a BUTTER ADDICT. Don't worry, this is not the worst kind of addict to be. It's not like being addicted to Nutella. Sure, your cardiologist might not approve, but we give you two thumbs up. If you're not sure how serious your problem is, check out the 15 tale-tell signs that you are a bonafide butter junkie.

  • 1 A Stick Of Butter Is The Most Beautiful Thing You've Ever Seen
    Flickr: madlyinlovewithlife
    So puuuurdy.
  • 2 You Have More Than One Butter Dish
    Flickr: AquaOwl
    So you can keep a stick of butter in each room of your house.
  • 3 Buttered Toast Is Your Breakfast
    Flickr: French Tart
  • 4 And Lunch
    Flickr: dabblelicious
  • 5 And Dinner
    Flickr: Tanya & Steve
    All day. Every Day.
  • 6 This Is How Much Butter You Keep Stocked
    Flickr: tamdotcom
  • 7 Pie crust made with shortening? PLEASE, FOOL.
    Flickr: jimforest
  • 8 You Think Butter Sculptures Are Cool And All...
    Flickr: Virtual Farm Boy
    but what a waste of all that butter!!!
  • 9 Paula Deen Is Your God
    Source: Giphy
    She just gets it.
  • 10 You Always Fill Up On Bread And Butter At Restaurants
    Flickr: David Masters
    There's no resisting curly butter.
  • 11 This Is What Your Dreams Look Like
    Flickr: sassyradish
  • 12 You've Been Caught Eating Butter Straight Out Of The Fridge As A Child.
    Flickr: Bennett 4 Senate
    And as an adult.
  • 13 Every Meal In Your Home Starts Like This
    Flickr: shutterbean
  • 14 You use brown butter as a condiment.
    Flickr: shutterbean
    Why bother with ketchup?
  • 15 Sometimes You Cook Butter Just To Watch It Melt
    Flickr: jessicafm
    It's just so perfect.
  • 16 You Adamantly Disagree With This Statement
    Because even though you love cream, NO ONE should be afraid of butter.
  • 17 And Margarine Is Your Mortal Enemy
    Flickr: Djenan
    JUST. SAY. NO.

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