Get All The Health Benefits Of Tea Plus Otherwordly Flavor With Kyokuro (VIDEO)

01/16/2014 01:53 pm 13:53:00 | Updated Jan 25, 2014

Drinking a hot cup of tea comes with a host of health benefits -- it can make you look younger, see better and maintain a healthy weight. It's the perfect drink for a dose of tranquility, but the boost in well-being wouldn't be quite up to snuff if it didn't taste delicious.

During a conversation about how tea makes us happier and healthier, HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani got a peek at one of the best teas on the planet -- kyokuro, a variation of gyokuro green tea from Japan. It's so rare that it typically costs $1,000 per pound, but the delectable taste is more than worth it, according to Chas Kroll, executive director of the American Tea Masters Association.

"The taste is unbelievable," Kroll said. "This is like drinking a fine red wine that's 50 to 100 years old."

Hear all about amazing kyokuro tea in the video above, and find out exactly why tea makes us happier and healthier in the full HuffPost Live segment below.

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