01/17/2014 09:33 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Michelle Obama's 19 Best Hugs Make Us Feel All Warm And Cuddly On Her 50th Birthday

Michelle Obama is a notorious hugger.

Standing at almost 6-feet tall, the First Lady definitely knows how to give a heartfelt embrace -- and make everyone fall a little bit in love with her. Once the source of a minor international scandal, M'Obama has been hugging her way into the hearts of millions for the past decade -- including ours.

To celebrate Michelle Obama's 50th birthday, we've rounded up some of our favorite FLOTUS hugs from throughout the past few years. Here are her 19 best:

  • 1
    Getty Images
    FLOTUS got to hug Beyonce at Barack's 2013 inauguration. Enough said.
  • 2
    AFP/Getty Images
    Of course, we can't forget the "hug shared around the world" after President Obama won the 2012 presidential election.
  • 3
    AFP/Getty Images
    Here Michelle bends down to embrace not one but three children during a visit to Mexico City in 2010. No small feat for a woman nearly 6-feet tall.
  • 4
    Getty Images
    She hugged every single U.S. Olympic basketball player after they beat France in the 2012 Olympics. Now there's a good incentive to win.
  • 5
    Getty Images
    As she pays her respects at a cemetery this past Memorial Day, Michelle shows she always knows what to do when words just aren't enough.
  • 6
    Getty Images
    This little girl might be the luckiest kid in the world after receiving a bear hug from Michelle in 2009 at a White House event honoring African American History Month. If there was a hug-off competition, FLOTUS would totally be a world champion.
  • 7
    MCT via Getty Images
    During a pre-game event at the 2012 CIAA Basketball Tournament in North Carolina, the tables turn and Michelle is engulfed by a group of Lady Golden Bulls basketball players.
  • 8
    AFP/Getty Images
    She even traveled all the way to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2011 to hug a few lucky children.
  • 9
    Getty Images
    She always gives those eyes-closed, everything-else-melts-away hugs. We are very jealous of dance legend Judith Jamison as she steals one of those world-stopping hugs from the first lady.
  • 10
    The Washington Post/Getty Images
    What's the best way to celebrate the holidays? Hugs on hugs on hugs from FLOTUS.
  • 11
    AFP/Getty Images
    She doesn't discriminate against furriness.
  • 12
    Getty Images
    She always seems to fit multiple children in her incredibly hug-ready arms. Here Michelle embraces two students after planting the White House Kitchen Garden in April of 2013.
  • 13
    Getty Images
    Hawa Abdallah Mohammed has the right idea here as she snuggles into Michelle's welcoming arms and seems to never want to leave, as Hillary Clinton looks on with glee. We're with you Ms. Mohammed.
  • 14
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
    The hug fest continues in North Carolina at the 2012 Democratic National Convention where Michelle pulls military mother Elaine Brye in for a long embrace.
  • 15
    Roll Call/Getty Images
    Michelle Obama must have the Mary Poppins bag of arms -- an endless wingspan that manages to hug everyone at once.
  • 16
    Getty Images
    Michelle and her daughter, Sasha, take a day off to sight-see while in Germany this past June. Nothing like a hug from mom-in-chief before a girl's day out.
  • 17
    Alex Wong via Getty Images
    Take a cue from the famously fit First Lady: Kid hugs are a great way to work squats into your exercise routine.
  • 18
    Associated Press
    Anyone else super jealous that they didn't get a hug from the first lady on their college graduation day? We are.
  • 19
    Getty Images for USTA
    Michelle and professional tennis player Serena Williams share a hug during the 2011 U.S. Open. Here are two ladies we would love to hang out with.

Happy birthday, M'Obama! If you ever need a hug, you know where to find us.


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