Dick Vitale Live Tweeted Billy Joel Concert

01/18/2014 05:15 pm ET | Updated Jan 25, 2014
Grant Halverson via Getty Images

Billy Joel performed a concert on Friday night in at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Of course, noted Tampa Bay area resident Dick Vitale was in the house, and he decided to do what everyone on Earth does when they're at an event of any kind - live-tweet it.

Dickie V was part of a sell-out crowd at the show.

My life? MY LIFE!

Vitale is now getting more than a little excited.

The outright glee that Dickie V shows for this show is inspiring.

Here's our first "baby" of the evening.

Christie Brinkley joke? Christie Brinkley joke.

He apparently didn't know they were divorced.

For some reason, Vitale tagging *every* tweet with #pianoman is hilarious to me.

Here's your obligatory college hoops reference.

Now he's just live tweeting the setlist...

Now, why not start comparing Billy Joel to basketball players?

Dick Vitale - a broadcasting legend. This spree of tweeting was so unique, so bizarre, so...Vitale.

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