01/21/2014 10:40 am ET | Updated Jan 25, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Freaking Out About 'Homeland' Spoilers Is All Of Us Freaking Out About All Spoilers

An Access Hollywood reporter destroyed Jennifer Lawrence's SAG Awards experience when she ruined "Homeland" Season 3 with that one major spoiler you're not supposed to share.

Lawrence and Damian Lewis were being interviewed at the same time, and J Law -- being J Law -- freaked out accordingly, noting that she's seen the first two seasons of his hit show ... twice. Note: first two seasons.

The reporter, Shaun Robinson, introduced the two and spoiled the ending of Season 3. Lawrence was devastated, as one would be when you show up to an awards show and a reporter spoils your favorite TV show. Rookie mistake.

Watch the video above for the entire interview. Oh, yeah. "Homeland" fans, beware of the major spoilers ahead. Duh.

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