01/23/2014 12:58 pm ET

Crapping In Woods Made Simple By 'Hillbilly Blood' Star Spencer 'Two Dogs' Boljack (VIDEO)

Having to answer nature's call while you're out in nature can present challenges to city slickers.

It can also present problems for nature, according to Spencer "Two Dogs" Boljack, one of the stars of "Hillbilly Blood," a reality series on the Destination America cable network.

"A lot of times, people take toilet paper camping and I find these piles of toilet paper all over the woods. And that's real frustrating," Boljack griped in a new instructional video colorfully titled: "How To Take A Crap In The Woods."

"Hillbilly Blood" returns for its third season on Jan. 25.

Since the show focuses on mountain men showing off their backwoods ingenuity, Boljack decided to explain how that works when it comes to pooping outdoors.

  • Using Leaves As Toilet Paper
    Destination America
    "Leaves will work as toilet paper, but some leaves are like Clint Eastwood. They won't take crap from nobody," he said. Boljack suggests looking for leaves just under the top layer that are partly decomposed. "You fold these bad boys up and it's better than a baby wipe."
  • Destination America
    Logs are handy places to poop, especially if you are elderly or injured. "If you're hunting, you can have your weapon and go to the bathroom and keep on hunting," Boljack says.
  • Destination America
    If balance is an issue, hold onto a tree branch while on the log.
  • Destination America
    "Most people around the world go to the bathroom like this, but a lot of folks in America can't even go to the bathroom without a toilet seat," he laments. "I see that. I see that a lot."
  • Destination America
    Boljack enjoys this philosophical pooping style, but says it's important to be conscious of where your feet are placed in relation to your buttocks.
  • Destination America
    If there is no place to sit and you want to try some togetherness, Boljack suggests holding onto a buddy.
  • Destination America
    This pooping position allows for more privacy, but Boljack says it's bad if one or both people have diarrhea.