Laura Liswood: We Are Letting An Important Women's Issue 'Plateau'

01/22/2014 01:12 pm ET | Updated Jan 24, 2014
  • Harry Bradford The Huffington Post

Laura Liswood, Secretary General of the Council of Women World Leaders, joined HuffPost Live at Davos Wednesday to talk about the role women can and should play in leadership positions around the world.

"I've learned that women can play as versatile a set of roles as men can play," she said. "[Women] have vision, they have passion, they have ideas, they have energy, they listen to people, they empower people."

But, she said, companies and governments can still do more to recognize that truth.

"There's an awareness of this issue," she said, referring to the need to put women in leadership positions. "But you seem to be seeing it plateauing [in importance]. People think that if we have a woman in the room that we must have equality."

Untrue, she said. "[We] have many more systemic issues."