College Friends Find Out They're Actually Half-Sisters!

01/22/2014 02:13 pm ET | Updated Jan 28, 2014

Mikayla Stern-Ellis, 19, and Emily Nappi, 18, realized they had a lot of similarities when they met on Facebook while searching for a roommate at Tulane University. But one commonality stuck out -- both young women have sperm donor fathers.

Over winter break, according to the Tulane Hullabalo, a student paper, the pair found out they actually share the same donor.

emily nappi

“We thought [going to Tulane] she’d just find an education," Debra Stern-Ellis, Mikayla's mom, told the paper, "but she found a sister."

Discovering a long-lost sibling isn't as uncommon as you might think.

In 2012, two teen boys were hanging out with a mutual friend at a pool in Washington, Mo., when someone pointed out how much they looked alike. Turns out, they're brothers who were separately adopted as babies, according to

More recently, a brother and sister learned of each other's existence through their estranged father. Remarkably, both worked in the Navy, 10News reported. U-T San Diego attended the pair's emotional reunion in August and captured it on camera.

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