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New York Seems To Be Coping With Sean Hannity's Threat To Leave

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On Monday, Sean Hannity vowed to leave the state of New York, thanks to the taxes he was paying and the governor who was running things. On Tuesday, he repeated the vow, saying that as soon as his kids were in college, he was packing up.

We decided to take a look around New York City and New York State to see if there was any evidence that Hannity's threat was resonating with people. We were looking for pictures of protest signs or crying hordes. However, it seems like life is going on pretty much unchanged.

This Albany couple appears unworried about life without Sean Hannity living in Long Island:

new york

This snow shoveler isn't displaying any signs of Hannity-related depression:

new york

These Brooklyn Nets probably have other things on their minds:

new york

All appears normal at Grand Central:

new york

These kids at a Post Office event look pretty happy:

new york

Nobody has plastered a "How Could You Do This?!" sign on this school bus:

new york

This runner just looks like she's running:

new york

Even Josh Groban is coping!

new york

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