13 Hilariously Subtle Ways To Be A Rebel

01/24/2014 09:50 am ET | Updated Jan 24, 2014
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James Dean was a rebel with a cause. And that cause was the oppression of drinking milk out of a glass. You, too, can be as quaintly rebellious as Dean, thanks to some suggestions from the subreddit First World Anarchists.

  • 1 Drink Pepsi out of a Coke cup.
  • Who cares about brand loyalty? NOT YOU.
  • 2 Charge whatever you want for pretzels.
  • That's a one cent "screw you" tax.
  • 3 Take photos of whatever you want.
  • Including signs that say "no photography."
  • 4 Eat chocolate whenever you please.
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  • After eight? Only if you're a chump.
  • 5 Drink fruit juice on your own terms.
  • Break free of that foil package of injustice.
  • 6 Store sandwiches on your own terms.
  • It's the shape of freedom.
  • 7 Beat the NSA at their own game.
  • And stick it to Mark Zuckerberg at the same time.
  • 8 Open letters whenever you want.
  • Or, like, in half an hour.
  • 9 Don't conform to standard depictions of utensil beauty.
  • Sporks know the deal.
  • 10 Play by your own candy rules.
  • The divide between Skittles and M&M's have gone on for too long.
  • 11 Don't let OCD rule you.
  • Even librarians are allowed to rebel a little bit.
  • 12 Eat mints around the clock.
  • Think about it. You could even eat one RIGHT NOW.
  • 13 Hang out in restricted zones.
  • This is a free country.

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