Improve Your Life By Cooking With Beer (PHOTOS)

09/11/2013 10:20 am ET | Updated Apr 29, 2014

To borrow from a much more famous saying, we love cooking with beer -- sometimes we even put it in the food. Over the years, you've definitely done some cooking with wine. Perhaps you've even ventured into the wild world of cooking with vermouth. Cooking with beer is just like that, only more appropriate for football foods.

Whether you're sitting down for a big game, watching the Olympics, or just gathering a bunch of friends who love to eat well, we found a ton of ways to use beer in food, from lagers to stouts and everything in between. Also, don't forget to drink some of it alongside. Just like when cooking with wine, you should try to drink some of the beer you used in the food, since they now complement each other perfectly.

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