01/23/2014 11:22 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Rachel Maddow Calls Out News Outlets For Misquoting Obama

It was Rachel Maddow's "favorite story of the day" and it will soon be the latest correction of the day for some news outlets.

An error in the official White House transcript from the Presidential Commission on Election Administration meeting held Wednesday has made its way into several news outlets' reports, causing a bizarre misquoting of President Obama.

The transcript quoted the president saying that the suggestions made during the meeting to reduce crowding and long waits at voting booths are "eminently glittering." Maddow called out articles from both The Washington Post and Politico for repeating this transcript error in their reports on the meeting.



Maddow then replayed the clip of Obama speaking at the commission meeting, in which what he actually says is, "the recommendations contained in this commission report are eminently doable."

"DOABLE," Maddow emphasized. "Eminently DOABLE.... How did 'doable' become 'glittering' in the White House transcript and then in all the press release reports, I have no idea."

Watch the video and see if you can understand how "doable" was mistaken for "glittering."


Rachel Maddow
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