01/24/2014 09:23 am ET | Updated Jan 28, 2014

Don't Eat Another Bad Veggie Burger, Upgrade It (PHOTOS)

How Sweet It Is

We've eaten many bad veggie burgers in our lives -- enough to put a blemish on the reputation of vegetarian food as a whole. They're either way too dry, which no burger should ever be, or they fall apart as you try to eat them, which is incredibly frustrating. Or they're just bland, which is just a waste of our time in general.

In theory, veggie burgers should be great. They're made with good-for-you grains, legumes and vegetables, and give you the burger experience without all the fat. But unfortunately, too often they fall short. To make sure you never suffer through a bad burger again, we've got nine tricks for you to instantly upgrade your next veggie burger. Whether you top it with grilled cheese or you adorn it with roasted garlic cream, your veggie burgers will never disappoint again.

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