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Pope Francis And Barack Obama Quotes On Inequality: Who Said It? (QUIZ)

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Though one man leads the global Catholic Church and the other heads the government of the United States, Pope Francis and President Obama share a desire to decrease the wealth gap and care for the poor.

Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium criticized the current state of the global economy which perpetuates poverty, and Obama's State of the Union address tonight is expected to focus on the challenges of decreasing income inequality in the United States.

Can you tell which leader made these statements about inequality?

Who Said It-- Pope Francis Or Obama?

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    Today’s economic mechanisms promote inordinate consumption, yet it is evident that unbridled consumerism combined with inequality proves doubly damaging to the social fabric

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    Each meaningful economic decision made in one part of the world has repercussions everywhere else; consequently, no government can act without regard for shared responsibility.

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    Growth in justice requires more than economic growth, while presupposing such growth: it requires decisions, programmes, mechanisms and processes specifically geared to a better distribution of income, the creation of sources of employment and an int

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    Inequality is the root of social ills.

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    We need to dispel the myth that the goals of growing the economy and reducing inequality are necessarily in conflict, when they should actually work in concert.

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    We need to set aside the belief that government cannot do anything about reducing inequality.

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    Rising inequality and declining mobility are also bad for our families and social cohesion -- not just because we tend to trust our institutions less, but studies show we actually tend to trust each other less when there’s greater inequality.

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Sources: Evangelii Gaudium and Remarks by the President on Economic Mobility

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