'SNL's' Cecily Strong Calls Out 'Cruel Bully Dickhead' Haters

01/29/2014 12:28 pm 12:28:33 | Updated Jan 30, 2014
Barry Brecheisen via Getty Images

In case anyone forgot, this week the Twitterverse reminded us just how petty people can be from behind a computer screen.

This week's victim? 'SNL's' hilarious Cecily Strong. Rather than praise or critique the comedian's performance during the Jan. 25 episode hosted by Jonah Hill, a few tweeters speculated that the Weekend Update anchor might be pregnant:

Using a few choice words, Strong took to Twitter to fire back at the rumor-mill. Her response could not have been more perfect:

Now that is how you put an end to Twitter haters.

[H/T Pajiba]

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