10 Photo Ideas You'll Want Show Your Wedding Photographer

01/29/2014 07:41 pm ET | Updated Jan 29, 2014

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Wedding portraits can feel posed, cheesy, and unoriginal, but a great shot can become a central part of your photo collection. That's why we love portraits that feel authentic and full of love -- they're a beautiful representation of the couple. On your wedding day, skip the cliche shots and ask your photographer to try something that feels more true to you.

Here are some creative portrait ideas we love!

Caught in an impromptu dance

Enjoying each other's company in a special setting

Having a ridiculous amount of fun on a getaway scooter

vintage scooter
Photo by: Ryan Ray on Wedding Chicks via

Wrapped up in love

Eating dessert!

Photo by: Mr.Haack on Well Groomed via

Making the most of a rainy-day wedding

Totally enamored

Leaving City Hall

Stealing a real kiss

Smooching on the dance floor

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