02/03/2014 10:49 am ET

Don't Focus On The Mistakes, From Scott Hamilton (VIDEO)

When it come to bouncing back after making mistakes both on an off the ice, Olympic Gold MedalistScott Hamilton had some great advice to share.

Scott has learned a valuable life lesson from the mistakes he’s made on the ice. As he explained, whenever he would fall on the ice, it would only constitute one second of his four-minute performance. Why let that one second damage the entire performance, then? “If you focus on your mistake,” Scott told us, “it ruins the best of your performance.”

Scott confessed that as a figure skater, the hardest jump in skating is the next one after a fall because an athlete’s confidence is shaken. “All sports offer a life lesson. If you get hurt, get up and get on the next thing. Don’t let the hardships define your experience,” he said.

For more of Scott's life and career, see the slideshow below:

Scott Hamilton

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