Dear George Zimmerman, Here's What Your Paintings Should Actually Look Like

01/30/2014 05:20 pm ET | Updated Jan 31, 2014

George Zimmerman is back in the news with more of his poorly thought-out and rather distasteful paintings. The Associated Press is now threatening legal action against Zimmerman, asking him to stop the sale of one of his paintings in which he used a copyrighted AP image as the source material. Zimmerman's first painting sold for just over $100,000 in December 2013.

Since being cleared in July in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has been using painting not only as a creative way to express himself, but also as a platform to lampoon his former prosecutor, Angela Corey, and verbalize his notions of freedom, justice and liberty. As seen here:

zimmerman paintings

If Zimmerman decides to continue this macabre hobby, we actually think he might want to be a little more realistic. If he were actually being honest about the facts of the criminal justice system, we think the paintings would look a lot more like this: