02/03/2014 10:42 am ET | Updated Feb 03, 2014

How Figure Skating Has Become More Athletic, From Scott Hamilton (VIDEO)

When it comes to what it takes to compete as a figure skater today, Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton had some interesting observations.

“It’s way more athletic now,” Scott told us. When Scott began competing, only a few males could execute a back flip. Now, at men’s events, the athleticism requirements have gotten much stricter. “You need at least two quads,” Scott said.

In the current scoring system, point values are assigned to everything that the figure skaters do in the ice, both artistically and athletically. On the artistic side, skaters are scored on technical skills, choreography and execution.

“All the skaters are pretty equal technically now,” Scott explained. “They’re all on the same high level. It’s just all about how you pull those other elements together.”

For more of Scott's life and career, see the slideshow below:

Scott Hamilton

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