Underneath This Giant Ball Of Cotton Is A Rabbit (PHOTOS)

02/02/2014 10:51 am ET

Talk about hare-raising.

Believe it or not, under that massive ball of fur is a rabbit.

  • Bettty Chu
  • Betty Chu, a professor emeritus at San Jose State University, told The Huffington Post that she breeds her own Angora rabbits to display at shows.
  • Betty Chu
  • Chu, who has won numerous competitions, said she uses a dog blower to fluff up the wool, which can get as long as 10 or more inches. "The rabbit itself is only about six or seven pounds," she said.
  • Betty Chu
  • Chu said scissors are the proper tool used to cut the wool from the rabbits, and that they aren't harmed during the process.
  • Betty Chu
  • The wool will grow back, usually at the rate of one inch a month, according to Chu.
  • Betty Chu
  • The extra wool can be used for spinning, knitting, and crocheting.
  • Betty Chu
  • Chu said she doesn't make any money from breeding the rabbits, but does it because its fun and she likes having them as pets. Angora rabbits are "also very lovable, they can be litterbox trained like cats and they would follow owners like dogs," she said.

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