02/02/2014 11:55 am ET | Updated Feb 03, 2014

Extreme Weather Photos Of The Week

Scott Cunningham via Getty Images

This week brought several big headlines in extreme weather news:

  • A rare snow storm hit the Deep South early in the week from North Carolina to Texas, causing school closures, cancelled travel and massive gridlock problems in Atlanta.
  • Though the Sierra Nevada received some snowfall this past week, California's drought conditions continued to worsen and snowpack hit its lowest level in over 50 years.
  • Snow blanketed Romania, Bulgaria and much of central and eastern Europe throughout the week, causing school closures, power outages and travel cancellations.
  • Strong floods and heavy rain struck Italy, causing evacuations, landslides and flash floods.

Check out photos of the week's extreme weather from around the world:

Extreme Weather 2/2