02/02/2014 10:44 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2014

Mom Shows The Magic Of Surfing While Pregnant In Gorgeous Time-Lapse Video

At first glance, Kristi Olivares' description of a surf session with her girlfriends sounds pretty standard. But as she writes on Shesurfs, her experience was exceptional. The mom of one was riding waves throughout an entire pregnancy.

Happily for us, Olivares, who has been surfing for four years, had many of her rides filmed. This led to a pregnancy time-lapse video unlike any we've seen before (you can watch it above).

surfing pregnant

"Luckily I have been surfing at least 4 days a week throughout my pregnancy so the changes to my body and the ways I have had to adapt my surfing have happened gradually," Olivares explains in her post.

She also makes a point of saying she was not putting her baby in danger. Her doctor, who is also a surfer, gave her the go-ahead. She only rode in water up to her waist, and only on small waves. When it got too big, she stayed on land.

"Surfing is such incredible fun, amazing stress relief, and great exercise that if I think it would be dangerous for my baby, I would stop surfing!" she wrote.

Generally, doctors encourage moderate exercise during pregnancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, working out can ease back pain, boost a mom-to-be's mood, reduce the risk for gestational diabetes and more.

According to TODAY Moms, Olivares welcomed her baby, Alexander Bobby, on Sept. 10, and they go to the beach almost everyday.

(hat tip: TODAY Moms)

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